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    Aerospace Engineering

    Unlimited challenges

    Unlimited challenges

    Most Ascentio’s efforts are oriented to the development of science and engineering related to space missions, focused on the ground segment, smart planning facilities, mission simulations and acquired data processing. In addition, we have highly- qualified and trained personnel. Our staff is made up of a great number of professionals, including scientists and technicians oriented to various areas of specialization, the most salient being a team of engineers and software developers who specialize in orbital control systems, thermal control and onboard communications.

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    Operation of High-availability systems

    We operate nonstop

    We operate nonstop

    Our ability is based on offering operation of high-availability systems ideally, scalable and efficiently. The company has a team of professionals who have contributed with the operation and support of Argentinean satellite mission control centers (SAC-C and SAC-D) and is currently working in the preparation of the operations of the new SAOCOM 1A- 1B mission. The control centers are located at the Teófilo Tabanera ground segment station belonging to the National Space Activities Commission (CONAE)

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    Technology, information and communication

    Being at the right place

    Being at the right place

    This area works focusing on in adopting solutions to the problems and needs arising in the Telecommunications and information technology fields. Ascentio Technology has a complete portfolio of product and services which satisfy to the requirements of the most demanding and competitive markets, among which we can mention:

    • Unified communication systems for VoIP protocol-based organizations.
    • Systems for storing big data and cataloging.
    • High-availability IT services administration and management.
    • Data Warehousing.
    • Running analytics.

    This area is formed by Telecommunications, systems engineers and quality specialists, among other professionals who made up this work team.

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    Software and hardware development

    Professionalism, Design and Commitment

    Professionalism, Design and Commitment

    The Company’s core business. It has highly-qualified personnel and in constant search for excellence of who develop a wide and varied products and services portfolio among which we can highlight:

    • Management of high-complexity technological projects.
    • High-availability software development.
    • Business applications design and development
    • Satellite Images Processing
    • Telecommand and Telemetry generation and processing.
    • Biometric Capture System for accreditation and legitimation of identity
    • Dactylogenetic Capture and Comparison System (DNA) for identity accreditation and genetic analysis
    • Smart Planning Systems
    • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
    • Software Applications Maintenance (Onsite and Offshore)
    • Hardware/Software products development for digital TV.
    • Industrial Plants automation and integration (software/hardware heterogeneous devices monitoring and control).
    • Integrated Circuit ( Embedded Software/FPGA/VLSI)
    • Software/ Hardware Infrastructure for remote sensorization
    • Applied Electronics

    This area has professionals among who there are Systems Analysts, Computer Analysts, Graphic Designers, PhDs in Computers, Electronics, Computer and System Engineers and Bachelors of Computer Science.

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    Research and Development

    Cutting-edge technology and constant innovation

    Cutting-edge technology and constant innovation

    One of Ascentio Technologies’ key objectives is to provide an environment where higher education and research are carried out between the personnel and the company providing a fertile environment for the productive innovation.
    Some active areas of research in the organization are:

    • Satellite mission simulation
    • Applied investigation for the observation, analysis and mitigation of natural disasters
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Communications and Signal Processing
    • Computer-aided Design
    • Image Processing
    • IT Tools
    • Technology Integration and Management
    • Microelectronics
    • Power Electronics and Systems
    • Real-Time Systems, Databases and Data Mining.
    • Rugged-Control Systems

    This area includes PhDs in Computers, Electronic and System Engineers. We encourage the participation not only within the company but from outside through competitions where all ideas of all the professionals who work at Ascentio are supported and awarded.
    We are currently developing a project focused on the coordination and control of a drone flight.

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    Maritime Intelligence

    ASC Galatea Watcher

    ASC Galatea Watcher

    ASC Galatea Watcher is a maritime intelligence system, based on the processing of SAR-type satellite images (Synthetic Aperture Radars) and the correlation of vessel position data (AIS, VMS, LRIT, among others), allows the monitoring of areas of interest.

    Main Functions:

    • Detection of Collaborative and Non-Collaborative vessels.
    • Detection of oil spills.
    • Automatic generation of reports via e-mail with details of the analyzes performed.
      – Collaborative Vessels (Position, Size, Direction, ID, name, flag, among others).
      – Non-Collaborative Ships (Position, Size, Course among others).
      – Spills of hydrocarbons (Position and Area of the spill).
      – Interactive Map for easy and quick analysis of the results.
    • Management of multiple areas of interest.
    • Support of multiple SAR satellite missions.
    • Provision of proprietary user interface and integration with client GIS systems
    • 100% automated.
    • 100% integrable to the customer’s own infrastructure and data.

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    Consultancy and knowledge management

    Consultancy and knowledge management

    We invest in continuous learning and evaluate new technological tools. We apply the adequate set of tools and technologies that allow us to maintain state-of-the-art projects. We provide consultancy services according to each client’s needs. Among these services we can mention:

    •Methodologies for software development.
    •Engineering Projects
    •Quality Assurance
    •Integration of diverse technological innovations.
    •Design of high-availability operations.

    This area includes 2 work teams: PMO (Project Management Office) and QA ( Quality Assurance). They include Programming Analysts, Telecommunications Engineers, a Bachelor in Business Administration and a Teacher of English and Translator.

We offer many opportunities for professional development.

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