In a ceremony held in Tecnopolis and where there were over 500 participants among government officials, business people and scholars; Ascentio Technologies was awarded the 2014 Gold Sadosky.

The company which has offices in Cordoba and Rio Cuarto works in the development of science and engineering related to space missions with a focus on the ground segment, smart-planning facilities, mission simulation and acquired data processing.

Ascentio also works in areas connected with flight engineering, addressing orbital control systems, thermal control, energy management, onboard communications and control systems. In this sense, the company stood out because of its participation in the SAC-D/Aquarius mission, developed jointly with the National Space Activities Commission (Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales- CONAE) and the NASA.

The Sadosky awards are bestowed every year by the Cámara de Empresas de Software y Servicios Informáticos de la Republica Argentina ( CESSI). The awarded are individuals, work teams and organizations which, by their work and performance, contribute to the growth of the IT industry in Argentina.  For this reason, in 2005 its  Board of Directors decided to establish the Sadosky Awards to Argentinean Intelligence, a non-profit initiative of socio-cultural nature whose purpose is to promote the best values of the industry to the public.

The winners of the other categories:

Human Resources- quality and education innovation: IT-Based Projects Incubator and UAITECH Juniors- Entrepreneurs  Sub-18- Faculty of Information technology of the Universidad Abierta Interamericana ( UAI)

IT Industry – Computer Entrepreneurship: uSound

IT Industry- Computer Solution: SOBIO: Service Oriented Biometrics –Software del Centro.

IT Industry – Business Background – national companies: Snoop Consulting.

Technology and Innovation – industry- faculty collaborative research work: CIAA Project: Computadora Industrial Abierta Argentina (Argentinean Open- source Industrial Computer) – ACSE, CADIEEL.

Technology and Innovation – innovation project: Smart system PAMPA – INNOBAR

Technology NS Innovation – innovative company: Ascentio Technologies.

Digital Inclusion: GEMA – VEMN  Project.

2014 Hackathon Sadosky Competition, ‘ Hackathon for Inclusion’:

Topic: inclusion for motor disability: 1° place: Link Ilusion Application; 2° place:  ‘ Todos Conectados’ (‘All Connected’) Application.

Topic: Inclusion for the mental disability: 1° place: ‘ Aprendiendo con Burbujas’ ( ‘Learning with bubbles’) application; 2° place:  ‘Estoy Listo’ ( ‘I’m ready ‘) application.

In addition, the awards corresponding to the Turing Cup, which was organized by  the CESSI, the UADE and Professor Ariel Acosta, were bestowed. Majors to the participants of the project  La Empresa va a la universidad’ (The company goes to university) and to the members of the project GEMA were given.  And finally, diplomas were given to the winners of the ‘ Hackathon Agro Datos’.